Choose Mobile Shelving for the Ultimate Filing Solution

While the filing requirements of a typical small business might extend to two or three standard cabinets tucked away in a corner of an office, some of the larger enterprises are required to maintain vast archives of material that can often date back for several decades. In such cases, conventional filing cabinets are totally inappropriate, while installing row after row of fixed shelves with aisles in between results in a system that calls for an equally vast area of floor space. In such cases, the most effective solution will be to install mobile shelves, given that it can reduce the overall system footprint by 40% or more.

The system consists of multiple units that closely resemble conventional static shelves. However, each unit is, in fact, a carriage with wheels that enables it to move along a floor-mounted track. In this way, when access is not required, it is possible to compress all of the carriages together, so that they occupy the minimum amount of floor space. When it is required to retrieve an item, it is only necessary to part one pair of units to open a single aisle in order to access the appropriate row of shelves.

Once installed and fully loaded, moving the mobile shelving when necessary actually requires surprisingly little effort. In fact, it can be achieved by the simple act of rotating a crank handle in the desired direction, which then drives those wheels fitted beneath the carriage to propel it along the tracks.

There is literally no limit to the size of an installation other than that of the accommodation available, which, if necessary, could be the size of an aircraft hangar or even larger. Each double-sided unit has multiple shelves of adjustable height and, when fully loaded, can be extremely heavy. As a result, mobile shelving needs to be of robust construction and so does the flooring on which they will be located. In the latter case, it should be able to withstand a load of approximately 500 kilogrammes per square metre.

Krost Shelving and Racking was officially established in 1965. Over the course of more than half a century, it has since grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of storage solutions to businesses in South Africa. Renowned for quality, each of its innovative products is engineered to the highest local and international standards, while every effort has been made to ensure they remain affordable.

Krost’s mobile shelves are made from 1 millimetre thick, cold-rolled material and given a 100-micron thick industrial-strength powder coating to ensure a smart, but tough finish. The entire filing system can be securely locked together with a single key.

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