Some may still remember the days when most high street shops displayed little of their wares and customers had to detail their requirements to the proprietor or a shop assistant who would then retrieve the appropriate items and accept payment. Today, most of those shops have disappeared and replaced by large department stores or, more often, vast shopping malls. The whole shopping experience has changed and now allows patrons to browse the wares and make their own selections before heading to a cashier. One of the main keys to this self-service model has been the retail racks and shelving designed for this purpose.

While some may look back on those days with nostalgia, there is no doubt that the shopping experience has become simpler. Items that were once hidden from sight in stock rooms are now on display for the convenience of the customer. In a typical supermarket for instance, the shelves can accommodate sufficient quantities of most items to ensure that visits to the stock room to replenish them should be required less frequently and can normally be confined to those periods before or after normal trading hours.

One of the main benefits of retail racks and shelving is the high degree of flexibility they provide. These storage and display structures come in a variety of designs. Among these, however, it is probably the Krost gondola system that offers retailers the most versatile option.

Ideal for use in a wide range of outlets, from pharmacies and bottle stores to supermarkets and corner cafés, its clever design means that it is both quick and simple to assemble. Later, if it should prove necessary or desirable, its freestanding design makes it a simple matter to reconfigure the entre layout of a store when using Krost’s versatile retail racks and gondola shelving. This flexibility provides plenty of scope for an imaginative merchandiser.

Available as double- or single-sided units, as an alternative to a freestanding installation, and to provide greater stability for the display of heavy items, the single-sided variety may be wall-mounted if desired. This is a feature that help to ensure maximum use of the available floorspace. Also, by selecting shelves of the appropriate depth, it is possible to create aisle-end displays to promote special offers or new products.

All shelves are of standard width, but come in a range of depths, and uprights are designed to allow total flexibility regarding spacing and the size or number of items that can be accommodated. Krost’s specialists are happy to help you choose the perfect retail racks and shelving for your business.