Versatile Warehouse Equipment Will Provide More Flexible Storage Solutions

The days when the stored stocks of the wholesaler and retailer were managed almost entirely by hand are now essentially a thing of the past. One of the main reasons for this transformation was the development of the pallet and the forklift trucks designed to transport them with such remarkable ease that these machines have become invaluable items of warehouse storage equipment. No less important, of course, is the wide range of racking and shelving that will be required to support the various stored items, whilst waiting for orders from retail outlets.

There is no doubt that these near-silent electric workhorses with their ability to turn in their own length, and the masts that can lift impossibly heavy loads quite effortlessly to surprising heights have not only allowed facilities to extend their use of vertical space, they have simplified and speeded up the whole process of stock handling. However, improvements in the design of shelving and racking, together with a little applied automation, have resulted in a number of even more versatile additions to the growing range of warehouse storage equipment on sale today.

Undoubtedly one of the simplest and most common ways in which to store palletised goods is to use pallet racking. Its popularity is due mainly to the fact that its design permits rapid and ready access. It is an extremely flexible system that can be reconfigured with ease and readily relocated as required. These features mean that pallet racking is especially suited for use in facilities where it is the norm to handle multiple stock-keeping units. If required, this flexible pallet racking from Krost can also be fitted with steel or timber decks, making this form of warehouse storage equipment equally suitable for storing and picking non-palletised goods.

Quite often, it may be necessary to store items that are very bulky or of a rather awkward shape, or perhaps both. In such cases, uprights and divisions could make this impossible and thus some alternative is required. The answer will be to employ shelves supported instead by cantilever arms that provide no obstruction to even the longest items, such as timber, tubing, or rolls of fabric, and similar materials. Being totally adjustable and easy to assemble, like all Krost products, cantilever shelving could be a great choice for a furniture warehouse or any facility in which heavy-duty, flexible storage equipment is essential.

In certain locations, such as in a frozen food depot, it may often be required to provide high-density storage and to operate a first-in-first-out or last-in-first-out system. To keep close tabs on stock levels and to increase productivity, the best option could be pallet mole racking. When packing, forklift operators deposit a pallet at one end of the rack and the electrically powered “mole” moves it horizontally and/or vertically into the next vacant slot. When picking, operators move to the opposite end of the rack and the mole shunts adjacent pallets to fill the gap. How about that for smart warehouse storage equipment? Find out more from Krost Shelving today.

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