How to Use Industrial Shelving Around the Home

Understandably, industrial steel shelving is associated with warehouses and workshops more than it is residential spaces. However, the line that seems to separate these two environments has long been crossed by industrial shelves (think of the scene in Wall Street when Bud Fox has his apartment decorated).

But, bringing industrial shelving units into the home isn’t just popular because it is fashionable. The truth is that industrial metal shelving is extremely functional. Aside from being extremely strong, an industrial shelving system is designed to hold goods and products, meaning that it makes storage much, much easier.

So, if you quite like the idea of using industrial shelves around the house, here are some ideas to get you started:

Uses for Industrial Metal Shelving at Home

  1. Industrial Shelving Units in the Study, Family Room, or Bedroom



Industrial shelving is versatile enough that it could have any number of uses around the house. You could use it in the study for the storage of books and documents, for example, or even just a display area for various ornaments and stationary. This could also work for display in the family room, or, if you removed a shelf or two, it would make a great TV stand. Open shelving is also very popular as clothes storage in the bedroom.

  1. Industrial Steel Shelving in the Utility Room



If ‘utility’ is indeed the theme of your utility room, you can’t do any better than an industrial shelving system. It’s built to last in those sorts of conditions, and you know that it’ll easily stand up the weights of your fabric softeners and tubs of washing powder. Plus, if there are any other things from around the house that you’d just like out of the way, there’s always plenty of room on an industrial shelf.

  1. Industrial Shelving in the Garage



Peaches and cream, New Year’s and fireworks, Batman and Robin – these are things that just go together.  And, industrial shelving and garages is no exception. These types of shelves are ideal for garages, which can easily become cluttered without the right storage options. Fortunately, a shelf that is made for a warehouse will be right at home in a garage, and is more than up to the job.

Shelving to Suit Any Situation

Krost’s industrial steel shelving performs well in warehouses and workshops, so imagine what it can do for your home. To place an order or for more information, contact us today!

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