Make the Most of Your Available Space with Mobile Shelving

Given the rising cost of building and the resulting hike in the cost of renting or purchasing storage space, it makes sense to make use of every square metre as efficiently as possible. Though neither the only solution nor a universal one, there are a number of instances in which the answer can be to install mobile shelving. The concept underlying this type of structure is a simple yet effective one.

Since aisles are only required on those occasions when one needs to access the stored items, rather than allowing them to be a permanent feature, stack the shelves close together to leave just a single aisle, changing its position as necessary. This simple solution could extend your available storage capacity by as much as 95% when compared with a static installation.

A popular option for the bulk storage of medical records and other archived documents, mobile shelving, sometimes referred to as roller racking, can be an equally good choice for use in a retail stock room, for hanging garments or in any situation where the floor space is limited, but the volume of items to be stored is substantial.

One of the most appealing aspects of this type of system is the ease with which it can be installed. Their modular construction requires no wall or floor fixings, as each individual section of the mobile shelving is fitted with rollers that serve to secure it to the untethered tracks beneath. The arrangement allows each set of shelves to be moved to either side, as may be required. While those at each end of the rails remain fixed in position and are single-sided, those in-between and which will travel along the tracks are all double-sided.

Where the stored items are relatively light in weight, the shelves may be moved with the aid of a simple handle. For heavier loads, a hand wheel can be fitted, which will act to rotate the rollers beneath, thus allowing the individual units that make up the mobile shelving system to be moved with less effort. In fact, in some of the larger installations, the moveable shelves may even be fitted with electric motors. In such cases, no physical effort is required to operate the system other than the touch of a switch.

This is the ideal solution wherever there is a requirement for high-density storage, but the available floor space is limited. However, companies in South Africa may not even find it necessary to purchase ready made mobile shelving. Krost is able to convert your existing fixed bays to provide you with the extra space you need while also saving you some money.

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