Make the Most of Your Available Space with Wall-Mounted Shelving

Shelves adorn our homes and offices and they are found in libraries, supermarkets, liquor stores, and a whole host of retail outlets and other facilities that we, as consumers, frequent on a regular basis. They provide a simple but highly versatile and effective storage solution, both in the form of free-standing and wall-mounted shelving.

In supermarkets and warehouses particularly, it is common practice to use the type of storage option known as gondola shelves. With this type of shelf, it is possible to mount units back to back in order to create a very stable, yet free-standing facility that combines a good all-round view of the various stored products, with exceptional ease of access for both customers and staff. This structure forms a basis for the construction of aisles that allow the clients to navigate a store methodically, examine the merchandise at their leisure, and place their selected items in a shopping trolley, en route. By including a row of wall-mounted shelving on both the side walls and the back wall, not only can two extra aisles be created, but also a row of additional storage space that spans the entire width of the store.

In an academic or public library and in offices where a wide variety of literature in various shapes and sizes is available to students, it is essential to store books and periodicals in a manner that is both logical and easily accessible. In many instances, much of the available space is allocated to reading desks and chairs, leaving the surrounding space to accommodate books. Once again, the most convenient solution is to employ wall-mounted shelving. In this type of application, it is important that all the shelves and fittings should be readily interchangeable in order to accommodate books of all sizes, while the placement of L-shaped supports at intervals will ensure they will not fall over.

Where there is sufficient empty floorspace, just as in the case of the gondola shelves used in retail stores, these too may be assembled back to back in order to provide a stable, free-standing option and additional storage for books. Also, in common with those favoured by retailers, these units should preferably be designed to be assembled, dismantled, and, if necessary, relocated with ease to avoid the added expense of paying for a professional to install your wall-mounted shelving.

Whatever their location and intended purpose, these products should, above all, be sufficiently durable to cope with the constant movement of items on their shelves, as well as being able to support larger and heavier items, if necessary. Few materials are better suited to meet these requirements than steel. When employed to construct a robust framework, shelves of alternative materials may be fitted according to the owner’s specific requirements, such as strength or aesthetic qualities.

A leader in the design of efficient storage solutions such as racking, mezzanine floors, and wall-mounted shelving for more than half a century, the name of Krost Shelving has become synonymous with quality and service throughout South Africa. So why not let us help you to find a reliable storage solution that will be guaranteed to save you time, money, and space?

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