Making the most effective use of your Warehouse Shelving

Anyone who is responsible for the receipt, safe storage, and eventual dispatch of consumer goods and similar items will be certain to understand the importance of adequate warehouse shelving. That said, it is surprising that so many wholesalers still fail to make the best possible use of the space available to them for this purpose.

Not all storage systems are equally effective and, for instance, much of the space that could otherwise have been used for extra storage will often be wasted, due to the need for overly wide aisles necessary for the forklifts engaged in the handling process. In other instances, managers simply accept that the space conventionally allocated for storage purposes is limited and put up with the inevitable constraints that this entails.

Given the right type of warehouse shelving, however, it is also quite possible that there could be far more space available on your premises to increase your storage capacity than you may, at first glance, have believed to be the case. Take a look at how much space remains unused in the void between the top of your existing shelves and the roof of your premises, for example. It is, of course, possible that you existing installation is already at the maximum height at which it is still possible to ensure stability, but replacing it could still be a cost-effective exercise, given the added capacity.

Industrial-standard, bolted warehouse shelving systems from Krost are known for their exceptional durability, allow for highly flexible arrangement, and are quick and simple to install. Alternatively, our bolted steel product offers an ideal general-purpose, space-efficient, economical, and versatile storage solution with a wide range of accessories to extend and reconfigure its storage capacity on demand. When assembled into side-to-side and back-to-back rows, these bolted units are strong enough to support a mezzanine floor, and thus have the potential to double your currently available floorspace.

Among the areas most consistently overlooked when seeking space to locate warehouse shelving are those above the dock doors. Usually dismissed as useless, this is anything but the case and, in practice, the use of our over-door storage units could add substantially to your overall capacity. This is especially true if your premises have several dock doors. The shelves may be supported by conventional uprights, by single-leg uprights, partly secured to the wall by ties, or suspended from the roof trusses. Where the roof is strong enough, the absence of support legs can be an advantage, as it will allow free and safe movement of forklift traffic in the area. Contact us today.

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