Mezzanine Storage Solutions: Multiply Your Space in an Instant

Those who manage a factory, warehouse, or storage facility understand the immense value of space. They also understand how making optimal use of space is not merely a convenience or beneficial feature, but that it can directly and significantly influence the productivity and profitability of the venture as a whole. The great news is that you don’t have to rebuild your warehouse or move to new premises to gain the extra space your business’s needs. Krost Shelving & Racking has the necessary mezzanine storage solutions to give your business an instant boost.

Consider the environment in which most warehouses, factories, and wholesalers operate: aside from the floor space, there is typically a lot of unused vertical space. Sure, you can use this as storage by piling up goods or installing racking or shelving. But why not be more ambitious with your solutions? Why not double your floor space by installing a mezzanine level?

Now, the initial reaction might be that this is too expensive, it is too disruptive and would interrupt your operations for too long. However, Krost Shelving & Racking offers you innovative mezzanine storage solutions that are affordable, reliable, and can be installed in a flash, thereby minimising the disruption of productivity.

What’s more, we offer mezzanine flooring solutions that allow you to simply install another floor level or to combine it with pallet racking with a floor level on top of it, making optimal use of your workspace.

Six benefits of Krost Shelving & Racking’s mezzanine storage solutions:

  1. It is more affordable than conventional structural steel floors.
  2. The floors are custom designed to suit the specific needs of the client, as well as the fitting of air ducts, sprinkler valves, and electrical cabling.
  3. Installation is easy and allows for relocation, expansion, and changes when and where necessary, as your business demands change.
  4. It can as much as double your working floor space, without interrupting your ground level workflow.
  5. It is the most cost-effective way to optimise your existing workspace.
  6. Flexible solutions mean you can combine the addition to your premises with storage facilities or you can create additional open floor space for daily operations.

Give Your Business the Space to Grow

It’s not every day that you come across an opportunity that gives you access to such a colossal advantage. Talk to the friendly team at Krost Shelving & Racking to find out more about our superb mezzanine storage solutions and how they can completely transform your workspace in next to no time.