Modern Mezzanine Flooring is Always a Good-Looking Option

In amongst all the changes to the very nature of work the last year has wrought, one thing is certain – very few businesses want to be expanding to larger premises right now. Moreover, many companies are busy optimising their premises’ utility, in order to be comfortably stable as they face a changed future.

Mezzanine flooring has risen in popularity as a stylish solution to many companies’ space-saving exercises, as the overall optimisation of their offices or warehouses usually involves rendering previously grey spaces functional and smart. The difference a mezzanine floor makes is profound – entire tracts of dysfunctional space are suddenly counted in as ergonomically sound work areas, also suitable for meeting, storage, and despatch operations.

See You on the Mezzanine!

Mezzanine flooring is installed for any number of reasons, but the most prominent are,

  • Optimising office seating and overall operation: Not all offices are quiet enough for every department to function as it should, especially those above the warehouse or factory floor. Distributing staff across newly equipped mezzanine areas can bring peace and quiet to Accounting, while busier manufacturing and salespeople are housed closer to customers.
  • Extra storage space: The paperless office that never was still gives rise to mounds of sheets, files and even cabinets. Rather than risk their historical paperwork in an exposed situation, yet also needing it to be out of the way, Admin and Finance will welcome a floored mezzanine area that provides expanded storage. They’re not alone – many departments will find value in increased storage space.
  • Meeting rooms: When C-suite execs find they’re often in meetings with clients or prospective clients, there’s a need for quieter and more formal meeting venues that are nonetheless still on the premises. Very often, this is where a mezzanine area comes into its own, as they’re usually expansive, present a blank slate upon which to design for optimum effect, and can also carry a different aesthetic, making for a smart meeting room option, regardless of the factory or other hubbub below.
  • A social area for staff wellbeing: Any kind of staff recreation or relaxation space can be housed on the mezzanine too, provided it’s of a suitable size.

Krost Mezzanine Flooring

If you’re looking for superbly designed mezzanine flooring that is durable and elegant, look no further than Krost Shelving & Racking’s smart range of solutions. Call us first for a one-stop response – we take pride in the quality of our products and the service we provide.