Taking Your Storage to New Heights with Industrial Mezzanine Flooring

Although the inflation rate in South Africa is not excessive by world standards, the effect of rising prices on family and business budgets has left many needing to curb their spending. Of those with a need to purchase or rent commercial premises, many have been forced to settle for smaller facilities and, as a result, find ways to maximise the use of every bit of space they have. Shelving, of course helps. However, for accessibility, both its footprint and its height must be limited. Industrial flooring that is used to create a mezzanine area offers warehouse and distribution centres the perfect means to make use of vertical space that otherwise remains unproductive.

Of course, to access this new level, it will be necessary to install a suitable staircase. However, in exchange for the small area of floorspace that this is likely to occupy, the installation could increase the total available storage space by up to almost double of what was previously available. Depending upon your needs, either pallet racking, which can then be used as shelving, or bolted steel shelving, are both economical options to provide the support for the industrial flooring that will form the new mezzanine storage level.

It may be that you prefer to rely on forklifts for picking and packing operations. In this case, the elevated level is of little use for storage purposes. Nevertheless, in such cases, it can still be of immense value as a means to free up some of the existing floorspace. Instead of accommodating more shelving, it could be used as the location for other activities that are currently conducted on the lower level. For example, the space used for packing and fabrication could be freed to create additional storage space by transferring these tasks to the upper level. The combination of tough shelving as the support and hardwearing industrial flooring could also make the new mezzanine floor an ideal location in which to site an office and perhaps a staff canteen facility.

With this type of installation there is no need for concern about the shape of your premises. In practice, these versatile structures can be tailored so as to integrate perfectly into any existing layout. Incidentally, in addition to their versatility, these structures are also easy to install, and so adding one should not interfere too much with your normal productivity. Furthermore, although this will entail an initial investment, as a general rule, the cost of installing industrial flooring to create a mezzanine area, will be recovered within a 2-year period, as a direct result of the rental saved when retaining your existing premises, or the cost of a move to new premises, in order to obtain the required extra space.

As for the new floor, there are various cladding options to choose from to meet its intended use. Where there is no need for exceptional ventilation, and lighting on the lower level is adequate, various types of timber may be used as industrial flooring for the mezzanine level. Otherwise, steel floor panels, with their slatted structure, are extremely tough whilst also permitting the circulation of air and the passage of any natural light from windows above. Talk to Krost Shelving today.

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