The Difference Between Racking and Shelving and Where to Find the Best Solutions

Racking and shelving play a much bigger role in many businesses than merely providing convenient storage solutions. In fact, choosing the correct solution has a direct influence on the sustainability and success of many ventures. For enterprises such as warehouses, bulk and wholesale dealers, storage facilities, factories, and even libraries and archives, the optimal use of space is of utmost importance – and so is the easy and quick access to the materials, products or other items within their business.

Now, while racking and shelving seem like a very straightforward and simple concept to incorporate into your space, the truth is that there is a wide array of solutions available, each designed to help you make the most of your space, depending on your environment and work activities.

Before we look at some of the innovative solutions available to you, let’s first address the glaring question: what is the difference between racking and shelving? Technically, there are a number of differences in terms of the concept and purpose of these two configurations. However, a simple rule of thumb to tell the two apart is the method used for placement and retrieval of goods – typically, items are placed and retrieved by hand when it comes to shelving, while the structures are classified as racking when these activities are performed using mechanical equipment.

An Overview of Available Solutions Available Through Krost Shelving & Racking

The ultimate range of racking solutions:

  • Selective storage and pallet racks – designed to provide flexibility, ready access to every pallet, and speed of operation
  • VNA (very narrow aisle) racks – specially designed to maximise pallet storage, while still allowing individual access to all pallets
  • Shuttle/Mole racks – a great option for high-density storage if you have large volumes of pallets per SKU
  • Catwalk/Pick face racks – a multi-level storage system that is designed to use the vertical space in a warehouse
  • Drive-in/Drive-thru racks – high-density storage that is ideal for cold storage, bulk storage production areas or pre-marshalling areas
  • Carton live/Flow racks – made up of inclined platforms to reduce the labour required for the replenishment and shipping of stock
  • Selective storage racks – suitable for the storage of a wide variety of non-palletised goods
  • Cantilever racks – the most efficient and economical storage of tubing, bars, timber, textile rolls, furniture, and other awkward items
  • Rack-supported mezzanine floors – a very practical way of utilising the (often wasted) space above racking

A full array of shelving solutions:

  • Bolted shelves – the most basic and economical design for general purpose use
  • Rivet shelves – ideal for use in warehouses, offices, and retail stores
  • Gondola shelves – suited for use in retail outlets such as pharmacies, supermarkets, bottle stores, cafés, and hardware stores, and can be installed in a matter of hours
  • Library shelves – a shelving solution that can endure a great deal of shuffling weight
  • Mobile shelves – slidable shelves that optimise storage space
  • Warehouse shelves – extremely flexible but also durable and easy to install

Get in touch with the friendly team at Krost Shelving & Racking for more information and to discover which one of their various racking and shelving solutions is perfect for your business.