There are numerous storage systems from which to choose, and each has its own particular benefits. That said, some types are better suited to a given task than most of the available alternatives. In the case of the variety aptly described as boltless or rivet shelving, there are a number of sound reasons why this might be the best choice for many types of businesses.

One of the most important requirements of any storage system is that it should be quick and simple to install. Not only does this mean the purchaser will be spared the cost of hiring a professional installer but, should it become necessary to re-arrange the layout at some future date, the task can be tackled in-house and completed quickly and with minimal disruption to a company’s productivity. Requiring no special knowledge or skill and nothing more sophisticated than a rubber mallet, the lack of any nuts, bolts, or clips in their design, means it takes only the bare minimum of time to assemble or to dismantle boltless shelving.

Another quality that is every bit as important to an effective storage solution as the ease with which it can be assembled, is the ease with which it can be accessed. Systems that require the use of cross braces to provide their stability can make things difficult when it is time to load or to retrieve stock items. Ideally, what is required to streamline these operations is the freedom to access stored products from all four sides. All-around accessibility makes possible the rapid turnaround times that are frequently important to warehousing operations. So too is a system that is able to make the best possible use of floor space, especially where it might be somewhat limited. Versatile boltless shelving ticks all of these important boxes.

That versatility can be just as valuable in other ways. Most businesses are aiming to improve their turnover on a yearly basis, but to continue doing so will eventually create a parallel need to accommodate more stock. Those business owners who have foreseen this possibility will have ensured to occupy premises that have sufficient floor space to allow for planned expansion. However, to make full use of that extra space, their existing storage system must also be readily expandable. Once again, because of its simple design, the best option will, without a doubt, be to install boltless shelves from the offset and to just add extra units as and when required.

Especially for a smaller business or a start-up venture, the cost of equipment, furnishings, and fittings can be steep and, in the current financial climate, even the larger and more established companies now also have a need to keep a far tighter rein on their spending than in past years. For both the newbies and the established operators, installing an effective storage system can require a substantial investment. It is fortunate, therefore, that in addition to its simple assembly, all-around access, limited footprint, versatility, and expandability, boltless shelves are also substantially less costly than any of the suitable alternatives.

With so many compelling reasons to purchase this product, it only remains to find a supplier. Since 1965, discerning South African businesses have been placing their trust in Krost Shelving and Racking.