The Best Types of Shelving for Retail Purposes

Imagine walking into a store to find that all of the goods for sale were arranged in piles on the floor or strewn haphazardly across several tables. Not only would it make your task as a buyer extremely difficult, but since you would probably lose patience and leave without making a purchase, it would not be a great option for the shop owner either. There are several very good reasons to use retail shelving and the fact that it is a more convenient option for the customers is just one of them. However, it is also important to ensure choosing a product that will best meet the needs of a sales outlet.

From the viewpoints of both the consumer and the retailer, it is important that the items on sale are clearly visible and displayed to their best advantage while also being easy for the customers to access. Where the range of items that are to be stocked is diverse, this could be handled with a mixture of different types of units. Alternatively, it might only be necessary to opt for a more versatile type of retail shelving. In this respect, the most appropriate options are likely to be either the boltless steel variety or the gondola type.

If your budget happens to be somewhat limited, the first of these will cost you a bit less and it will also be a practical option for use in a stockroom, if you have one. This product is not only cheaper to purchase, but it is also quick and simple to install. All it takes is an hour or two and a rubber mallet, so there will be no need to pay for a professional installer for the work. Though equally effective for office use and for wholesale storage, boltless steel shelving is a great retail display option also. The absence of cross braces allows all-around accessibility, while the spacing of shelves can be easily adjusted to accommodate items of differing sizes as required. The shelves can be decked either with chipboard, plywood, or steel, depending upon the budget and the mass of the load they will be required to support.

The second option will work out a little more expensively but is an even more versatile solution. Gondola shelving is designed for retail outlets of all kinds from supermarkets, pharmacies, and hardware stores to corner caf├ęs and liquor stores. Also easy to assemble and reconfigure when necessary, the option of single- and double-sided units allows for both freestanding and wall-mounted displays, ensuring the maximum use of the available space without restricting customer access.

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