Types of Industrial Shelving, and Their Common Uses

Regardless of the manufacturer, or which brand name it displays, industrial shelving can take one of three basic forms. Each of these forms has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which will need to be considered, when deciding which of the three types may prove to be the best choice for use in any given application and location.

The industrial storage product, known as rivet shelving, is widely used in warehouses and in store rooms. It is composed of a solid steel frame that is designed to support shelves, made from various materials, including solid steel, plywood, particle board, and sometimes wire. One of its main advantages, is that it is particularly quick and easy to install, and requires no tools other than a rubber mallet, in order to ready it for use. Other sound reasons for choosing this type of storage solution include the fact that it is available in a much wider range of sizes, and has a far higher capacity than the alternative systems. Together, this combination of qualities makes it the most economical of the three options.

On the downside, it must be said that the rivet variety of industrial shelving may lack in terms of aesthetic appeal. Because the decking materials tend to be on the heavy side, this can also increase shipping costs, unless purchased locally. In addition, any versatility is confined to its size, and there are few options for extras, such as built in dividers.

In contrast, steel shelving is far more adjustable, and is also available as open or closed units. The open design offers excellent all-round visibility and ease of access, while also being cheaper. However, its open structure requires braces to prevent instability. On the other end, the closed units, with their side and back panels, are inherently more stable, and offer better protection for the stored items. They are ideal for use in high-density applications, and may also be used to provide support for a mezzanine floor.

Unlike the other forms of industrial shelving, these steel structures require more time and some extra tools to install, although the process is not actually difficult. Although better looking than its rival, its aesthetic appeal still tends to fall short of that displayed by the third variety. Wire shelving, with its gleaming appearance, and the ease with which it can be cleaned, is a great choice for use in commercial environments.

Offering the same all-round accessibility of the rival units, it is able to do so without the aid of side- or back braces. The fact that it can be mounted on casters, to provide a mobile storage option, further extends its versatility. Its open construction restricts the accumulation of dust, while ensuring that water from sprinkler systems can access stored items in the event of a fire.

Given the various pros and cons, it is advisable to seek professional guidance when choosing industrial shelving. In terms of quality and service, Krost Shelving has long been South Africa’s preferred supplier.

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