Making Better Use of Your Space with Mobile Filing Systems

Wherever there is a need to store things in bulk, finding sufficient space to do so can frequently be a problem. In the home, one solution might be to consign those items that are used less frequently to a garage or a loft space. However, in a business where it may be necessary to access records on a daily basis, but where the available space is limited, mobile filing systems can offer a perfect solution. This is not a reference to those wheeled trolleys containing patient files that were once a common sight in hospitals before computerisation made them unnecessary. Instead, it refers to a means by which to double one’s storage capacity without moving to a larger premises.

A simple, but innovative idea, it makes use of a series of shelves that are fitted with wheels that enable them to become mobile filing systems with storage space that can be moved back and forth along a length of track. So, how exactly are these moveable shelves able to create more storage space?

Imagine a conventional installation in which each row of shelves is fixed and separated from its neighbour by an aisle. In some cases, this could be wide enough to accommodate two rows of people. That is fairly typical of a public library in which only around half of the total floor space can be used for storage purposes. By contrast, in a private archive, for example, by mounting the shelves on a track, this results in a mobile filing system in which all of the shelves can be pushed close together to leave just a single aisle at whichever point access to a document may be required. The result is that it then becomes possible to accommodate twice as many rows of shelves and their contents while requiring no additional floor space.

Tall shelves packed with reference books could be difficult to move without some form of mechanical assistance. When the loaded shelves are not too heavy, attaching a fixed handle to each row can be quite sufficient. However, where mobile filing systems are used to store heavier items, such as ledgers, the moveable rows can be fitted with a rotating handle that connects with their wheels to assist with their movement.

This is an option that could occupy the full width of a room with just enough vacant space to accommodate an entry door while allowing a user to traverse the rows. For municipal offices, banks, insurance companies, and any business that is required to store printed or written records, mobile filing systems are the way to do it when space is at a premium.