Build Vertical Storage from a Solid Base

Quite apart from the paperless office having turned out to be an unrealistic ideal, the input supplies or finished products of many companies demand storage space. The whack of paperwork that business generates needs to be stored in line with mandated fiduciary obligations, too. Few modern businesses are spoilt for space, whether it’s for their records, their staff, or their finished goods.

Very often too, those that potentially do have space for storage – usually on the mezzanine – haven’t invested in optimising the area. This results in grey areas that provide no utility, yet add to business cost per square metre. Creating extra storage space is easy when you start with designed solutions that have evolved to address precisely this need in commerce and industry. Shelving and racking can provide a huge increase in available surface area, as well as enhancing the overall aesthetics of the workplace.

How to Pack and Where to Store

From paperwork to PCs, from finished cartridges to finished products, mezzanine storage can accommodate the goods, alleviating the pressure for suitable storage while rendering the area smart and functional. Depending on what’s being stored, there are a host of different options to equip a suitably floored mezzanine storage area.

Storage bins are often the best solution for seldom-viewed goods or paperwork, as well as products that might wait a while before moving to market. Manageably sized, and able to be stacked vertically too, storage bins provide a neat solution on the mezzanine. Steel lockers can similarly find a home here, depending on the dimensions and nature of goods being stored. If the mezzanine storage is utilised by the staff, wire mesh lockers might prove more suitable, along with a few other staff amenities. Whichever option is decided upon, the extra flooring only contributes to maximising the utility of previously unused space.

Mezzanine Office Storage

Stillages populate many a mezzanine area, as the persistent need for (even slight) elevation from the floor applies to a great many of companies’ products. More commonly termed a “pallet” in South Africa, stillages can be a rugged and durable storage solution on the mezzanine. Filing cabinets, assorted cupboards, mobile steps, and trolleys can all find a home on the mezzanine. Moreover, being able to utilise storage in this area makes for a smart workflow and improved efficiency.

A demonstrably higher performance level from all staff ensues from a well organised mezzanine storage area. Since mezzanine areas are either inter-leading or closely adjacent areas in relation to primary work areas or offices, developing smart storage here goes directly to a more ergonomically sound and enabling workplace.

Call on Krost for Smart Mezzanine Storage Solutions

As leaders in the field of space optimisation, Krost Shelving & Racking can transform your workspace with elegantly simple solutions. Aiming at maximum optimisation and maximum aesthetics, we’re an ideal partner from the ground up, providing mezzanine flooring and storage solutions.

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