Warehouse Racking: A Storage Solution That Lasts

If you’re looking for a durable and efficient storage solution for your warehouse, then it’s time to invest in one of our racking systems. We offer warehouses and distribution centres an effective way to store their most valuable products. Racking is an important component of any warehouse and needs to be both durable and light in weight, while also being able to hold heavy loads. We pride ourselves on ergonomic design and create our racks with durable materials like steel, which can support heavy materials without giving way or buckling. By utilising vertical beam spacing, our warehouse racking solutions boasts versatility and strength. Typical warehouse racking is created with horizontal rows and aims to utilise the particular area in order to make the most of the designated space.

We have several options available when it comes to racking and encourage customers to get in touch to discuss their needs. Clients can opt for decked racking, drive-in racking, light-duty shelving, or pallet racking. The key benefits of this storage system include:

  • Easy storage: Warehouse shelving allows companies to store their products easily and effectively. Its ergonomic design allows you to utilise space in the best possible way by storing more items in the designated space.
  • Save money: By utilising your space more effectively, the need to hire more space is unnecessary. Consequently, you will save money.
  • Enhances safety: These systems are installed with safety in mind. Made of durable materials, it can withstand heavy loads without giving way. As such, you will not only protect your staff but will also adhere to the essential safety standards.
  • 5-year guarantee: We believe in the importance of client satisfaction. And how do you ensure that your clients are happy? By providing them with high-quality products. Moreover, our products come with a 5-year guarantee.

This system is viable for both small and large spaces and will be personally installed to suit individual needs. Safety and quality are always at the fore of our operations, and we aim to offer a service that satisfies.

Krost Shelving and Racking: Southern Africa’s Fastest-Growing Storage Solution

We’ve officially been in the business of storage and manufacturing since 1965 but our humble beginnings date back to 1950. With well over five decades of experience under our belts, we’re certainly a company that you can rely on. We constantly strive to find innovative systems that will benefit our clients and make their day-to-day business life easier. If you’re in the Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban area and surrounds, get in touch with us today or chat to us online via our website’s messaging system. We also provide our services and products to clients in Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe and are striving to grow our presence on the continent.

When it comes to storage and racking solutions, we’re the number one pick in southern Africa. Get in touch with your queries and we’ll offer you a tailor-made quote to suit your unique needs. When it comes to your warehouse, we’ve got you covered.