What Makes Warehouse Shelving and Racking So Strong



Good warehouse shelving and racking is light, durable, and able to hold immensely heavy loads. You know and accept this, which is why you are willing to use it to store tonnes of valuable stock and equipment. But, what gives you such faith in this storage equipment? On the face of it, you trust that a reputable manufacturer will supply you racking and shelving that is strong, sturdy, and fit for the challenge.


As suppliers, it is up to us to earn this trust, and we do so by making sure that various factors combine to create our storage equipment. We’ll take a short look at these now.


How to Make Strong Warehouse Shelving and Racking


  1. Materials

Good materials are among the most important factors in creating strong, dependable storage equipment. High quality steel is able to support more weight, in more directions of force, without buckling.


  1. Design

Design is another exceptionally important factor. With proper diagonal support, structures made out of matchsticks can support hundreds of kilograms. Through the same principle, strong steel structures can support tonnes of weight.


  1. Spacing

Space is important in a rack. After all, the rack has to be able to support stock of various sizes. However, vertical beam spacing can decrease the ability of the rack to hold heavy loads. It is thus important to find the right balance between functionality and strength. The perfect vertical beam spacing will make the rack both versatile and strong.


How to Make Sure Your Warehouse Shelving and Racking Works Like It’s Supposed To


It is also important to remember that the strength of the rack itself is dependent upon some other factors. These are:


  1. A Solid Floor

An extremely solid rack on a weak floor will not be able to support as much weight as a solid rack on a solid floor. After all, the floor is essentially supporting the entire weight of the rack and its contents. So, be sure that the floor of your warehouse is able to support the weight of your products.


  1. Load Distribution

The maximum capacity of a racking unit depends on an even load. If a rack can support 6 tonnes, for example, it must be spread evenly across the entire unit. If it is all pushed to one side, the uneven pressure will mean that the load capacity decreases.


Where to Buy Warehouse Shelving and Racking


Now that you know what to look for in terms of strong warehouse shelving and racking storage equipment, all that you have left to do is find a reputable supplier. And, as luck would have it, you’ve already done that.


With an impressive history and an excellent track record, we are the right suppliers to kit out your warehouse with sturdy, dependable storage equipment!

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