Library Systems Remain Important Even in the Digital Age

Since mankind first learned to record its spoken words with meaningful symbols, first on stone and wax tablets and later on papyrus and its modern counterpart, paper; there have been those eager to learn from or to be entertained by those written thoughts. Despite the rise of Google, Wikipedia, and audiobooks, millions still prefer a more tangible experience. While some may purchase their reading material, others choose to borrow from a library, where innovative storage and management systems help them to locate the books of their choice.

In addition to the specialised software that serves to keep a record of loans and returns, which is obviously essential for those who manage these establishments, the manner in which books are stored makes a big difference to the ease with which borrowers can make their selection. To assist them, library index systems are available and provide an approximate location for each title in stock. However, suitable storage shelving is just as important to ensure that volumes are readily visible and easily accessed.

Much like the people who read and write them, books come in all shapes and sizes, and so, the shelving on which they reside must be sufficiently adaptable to accommodate their differences. Books can be heavy, as anyone who has ever toted a backpack full of them to and from school will confirm. Consequently, strength and stability are also necessary qualities for library shelving systems.

For storing books, shelving is supplied in fixed-length units known as bays. Depending on the number of books to be accommodated and the available floor space, there is a choice of single-sided and double-sided bays. If required, this allows owners to combine wall-mounted and free-standing units to form aisles, and thus to make the best possible use of the space at their disposal.

Whether setting up a new facility from scratch or extending an existing one, ideally, installing a library shelving system should not be a difficult process that requires hiring a professional. Those manufactured by Krost Shelving and Racking have been built with this in mind. All of the shelves and fittings have been designed to be interchangeable, and so, it should take no more than an hour or two to install them while causing no significant disruption of business in cases where the facility might already be operational.

In order to prevent books from toppling over, there are L-shaped supports available. Also, if it might be necessary to house magazines and periodicals, there are specially designed display racks for this purpose, which can be purchased as an accessory. When quality is essential, shop with us for versatile and reliable library shelving systems.

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