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Extraordinary Shelving Solutions

Commercial Shelving

Herein lies the beauty of our products: we manufacture our own industrial and commercial shelving solution, in all shapes and sizes so that they are able to bear the weight of light-, medium- and heavy- duty goods, and to do so effortlessly in all contexts, whether for retail or warehouse purposes.

Krost Shelving and Racking prides itself on its professionalism, and supplies many factories and businesses with shelving solution. We make it our mission to maximise the use of shelf storage space, and design unique shelving units to suit every individual storage need.

Industrial Shelving

Krost Shelving and Racking is the industrial shelving and racking leader in South Africa, and has more than 170 staff members. The Krost team encourages a hands-on policy, giving our personal undivided attention to the shelving and racking needs of every individual company or business.

This is why we will also offer our expert advice to clients on what shelving solutions will be appropriate for their unique requirements, in order to save them time, money and space.

Shelving Solution

Not everything on show is necessarily for sale. In practice, these simple but versatile metal structures can play an equally necessary role in locations such as public librariesgovernment archives, and company offices.

Time and changing needs have seen new and innovative storage products for use in multiple applications. To ensure the best possible quality, value for money, and the most appropriate steel shelving and racking for your purpose, consult an expert at Krost Shelving

Both in the examples given above and in general, these metal structures are designed to act as a storage facility. To be effective in this role may require differing properties, depending upon the precise nature of their purpose.

Where steel racking and shelving may be required to store items of widely differing shapes and dimensions, for instance, one of the most important requirements is likely to be for a more flexible type of structure – one that can be reconfigured simply and quickly whenever such a need may arise

Blue Krost shelving and racking bolt and nut shelves in warehouse.

Bolted Shelving

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Rivert Shelving3

Rivet Shelving

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Krost Shelving Gondola Shelving2

Gondola Shelving

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Krost Shelving & Racking - Library Shelving4

Library Shelving

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Krost shelving mobile shelving

Mobile Shelving

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krost shelving warehouse shelving

Warehouse Shelving

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