Krost mobile safety ladder

Krost Shelving and Racking’s Mobile Safety Step Ladders

Can be medium- or heavy-duty. Warehouse safety steps are ideal to pick stock in hard-to-reach areas as they have wheels that are able to lock to ensure the user’s safety. Mobile steps also have handrails for a firmer grip. Larger mobile step ladders have platforms as their final step.

Trollies are ideal for picking and packing stock in warehouses, libraries, and retail stores. They are fitted with swivel rubberised wheels with fitted wheel brakes. Trollies come in different sizes and shapes for their different usages.

Benefits of Using Safety Step Ladder in Your Warehouse. 

  • Safety ladders create a safer workplace.
  • Safety ladders keep you in compliance with federal guidelines.
  • Safety ladders assure your employees they’re working in a safe environment.
  • Safety ladders can help your business avoid potential liability issues.
  • Safety ladders allow workers to access more areas of your warehouse.