Selective Storage & Pallet Racking

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The most common method of storing pallets is Krost Pallet Racking, a storage system designed to provide ready access to every pallet. Pallet racking is ideal for organisations with multiple SKUs and is perfectly suited where flexibility, access and speed of operation are the main objectives of the system. Selective pallet racking can be easily adjusted or relocated, making it a very flexible system.

Pallet racking may be configured to store product at considerable heights. It is economical and durable, easy to install and levels are easily adjustable – for temporary or permanent setting. Available in light, Medium and heavy duty.


VNA Racking (Very Narrow Aisle)

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VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Racking is specially designed maximise pallet storage, while still allowing individual access to all pallets. Aisle width varies from 1.7 meters to 2.2 meters. The perfect solution to maximise our warehouse space.

It is served by specially designed handling equipment – Combination order pickers, Turret truck and stacker cranes or called VNA Trucks. These are needed to manoeuvre in the Krost Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) between the racks and aisles, which are marginally wider than the truck, thus it is guided along the aisle or wireless control and do not retrieve or deposit the pallet.

The mast or fork head rotates to left and right as required. These systems come into their own where there is only a limited floor space, but store a huge volume of stock and pallet.

Shuttle / Mole Racking

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Krost Shuttle Racking is a great option for high density storage if you have large volumes of pallets per SKU. Lanes of up to 50 pallets in depth can be stored in a First In, First Out (FIFO) and First In, Last Out (FILO) configuration.

The remote-controlled shuttles carry goods in and out of deep storage tunnels, leaving your operators free to perform other tasks. When you need to relocate the shuttle from one lane to the next, you can use a standard forklift truck.

Shuttle racking is particularly well-suited to:

  • Storing of a large number of pallets per SKU
  • Either first in, first out (FIFO) or last in, first out (LIFO) storage
  • Warehouses with limited human resources, as the shuttle does a big proportion of the work
  • Ensuring efficient retrieval times, as the FLT travel distance is reduced.

Catwalk / Pick Face Racking

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Catwalk racking storage systems are composed of custom fabricated pallet a racking component which uses less material parts than industrial shelving. Racking components provide the maximum span and capacity for catwalk storage. Catwalks are multi-level storage systems that are designed to use the vertical space in a warehouse by using catwalk aisles and have access stairways. The storage and retrieval process is performed by the employees and eliminates the use of forklifts. Multi-level catwalk systems maximize storage density in your warehouse.

Catwalk systems have narrow pick aisles, reduced cross aisles, and less wasted warehouse space. These systems can be made from custom fabricated rack components.Design and implementation of racking system to increase box positions on the same warehouse space. Staircases used in catwalk rack storage systems are manufactured in house to SANS (South African National standard). Catwalk decking surfaces include steel floor planks or timber.

Drive in / Drive Thru Racking

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Designed specifically for high density storage of palletised items, Krost Drive in / Drive thru racking is recommended where multiple unit loads per stock keeping unit (SKU) need to be stored and where access to every individual load stored, is not essential. Drive-in racking allows for the most effective use of space.

The high density of storage attained and the relative ease or accessibility make this rack system ideal for cold storage, bulk storage production areas or pre-marshalling areas. Where a first “in-first”, “first-out” operation is required, drive thru storage systems requires a two aisle configuration. Whereas “drive-in rack” allows maximum cube utillisation with one aisle and first in last out storage.

Carton Live / Flow Racking

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Krost carton live picking is made up of inclined platforms which guarantee an optimal entry and exit of goods that are fed in, and slide down, by the force of gravity over wheels, which control the speed of the products moving until the products reach the picking face. The system reduces the amount of labour required for the replenishment of stock, allowing the labour force to get orders out more rapidly.

Carton live is ideal for organisations with large picking volumes.

Selective Storage Racking

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Efficient, economical use of space. Krost light, medium or heavy duty Krost storage racking is suitable for the storage of a wide variety of non-palletised goods. It can be supplied with a variety of deck types – from open and closed slatted pine timber decking – to steel decking or any other type of decking material required by the end user. Selective storage racking is ideal for low and high rise order picking and storage applications.


Cantilever Racking

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Krost Cantilever Racking provides the most efficient and economical storage of tubing, bars, timber, textile rolls, furniture and other awkward items.

The Krost Cantilever or structures are especially suitable for long loads of storage, light loads as well as heavy loads. With Krost’s cantilever racking you can store even the longest of products with ease and there is no struggling between uprights or other obstacles.

The system is totally adjustable and therefore provides the advantage of being able to expand with the company. The Krost cantilever arm design offers easy assembly.

Single and double entry bays are free standing and a full range of upright and arm capacities ensure and economical system. Besides this, it offers the possibilities of situating the levels at one or both sides.

Bolted Shelving

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Open Braced Bolted Steel Shelving is the most basic and economical shelving design for general purpose use. The back and sides are open except for the sections that are stabilised by means of cross braces on the back and sides.

Closed Back and Side Bolted Steel Shelving units are closed on three sides with steel panels to provide stability and protection of the items stored as well as to promote cleanliness of these items. When units are joined side by side and back to back, a common side or back panel is used between the two units achieving a large cost saving.


Rivet Shelving

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Single rivet high density shelving uses single rivet beams on intermediate levels and double rivet beams at the top and bottom for rigidity. Rivet shelving provides durable shelving that is ideal for use in warehouses, offices and retail stores.

Krost single rivet beam high density shelving is designed to provide maximum vertical clearance between shelves so that all stored items can be accessed from all sides.

Krost Rivet Shelving is designed to provide an economical solution for the storage and display of retail, wholesale or industrial goods. Installation can be done without special tools in a minimal amount of time with just a rubber mallet. The shelves can be adjusted every 37.5 mm which allows you to custom design the unit to fit your load size. Krost Rivet Shelving can also be decked with either chipboard, plywood or steel decking.