Selective Storage Racking

Our Solution

Efficient, economical use of space. Krost light, medium or heavy duty Krost storage racking is suitable for the storage of a wide variety of non-palletised goods. It can be supplied with a variety of deck types – from open and closed slatted pine timber decking – to steel decking or any other type of decking material required by the end user. Selective storage racking is ideal for low and high rise order picking and storage applications.


Benefits of Selective Storage Racking


All Krost Shelving & Racking products carry a 5-year guarantee.


Direct Access to all items stored


All items are hand packed, therefore no forklifts are required.


Easy to install and adjust


Easy to alter and extend vertically and horizontally.


Can be used in conjunction with selective pallet racking and can support mezzanine floors.

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