Trollies and Mobile Steps

Our Solution

  • Mobile steps can be medium or heavy duty.
  • Mobile steps are ideal to pick stock in hard to reach areas in the warehouse they have wheels that are able to lock to ensure the users safety. Mobile steps to have handrails for a firmer grip.
  • Larger mobile steps have platforms as their final step.
  • Trollies are ideal for picking and packing stock in the warehouse, libraries and retail stores.
  • Trollies are fitted with swivel rubberised wheels with fitted wheel brakes.
  • Trollies come in different sizes and forms for different usages.

Benefits of Trollies and Mobile Steps


All Krost Shelving & Racking products carry a 5-year guarantee.


Require very little maintenance.


They can handle fairly heavy loads with ease.


Cost effective.


Ideal for industrial and DIY use.

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