VNA Racking (Very Narrow Aisle)

Our Solution

VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Racking is specially designed maximise pallet storage, while still allowing individual access to all pallets. Aisle width varies from 1.7 meters to 2.2 meters. The perfect solution to maximise our warehouse space.

It is served by specially designed handling equipment – Combination order pickers, Turret truck and stacker cranes or called VNA Trucks. These are needed to manoeuvre in the Krost Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) between the racks and aisles, which are marginally wider than the truck, thus it is guided along the aisle or wireless control and do not retrieve or deposit the pallet.

The mast or fork head rotates to left and right as required. These systems come into their own where there is only a limited floor space, but store a huge volume of stock and pallet.

Benefits of VNA Racking (Very Narrow Aisle)


All Krost Shelving & Racking products carry a 5-year guarantee.


Aisles are narrower so one gets more density.


Damage rate reduction.


Increasing pallet storage with in a given area with the advantages of selective racking.


Gain direct access to all pallet locations.


Maintains first in first out (FIFO), first in last out (FILO).


Improves forklift productivity.

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