Warehouse Shelving

Our Solution

Automated guided carts are perfect for moving products and goods onto assembly lines for transportation of goods and products around a plant, warehouse or distribution centre. Together with an innovative range of shelving, Krost offers businesses and production houses an efficient option to run any type of operation. More efficiently run establishments naturally reap the benefits of this efficiency which lead to more profits.

Suffice to say, shelving should be the centerpiece of any warehouse whether it is drive-in racking, decked racking, pallet racking or light duty shelving that you need, there is a solution for every need.

Typical applications of these automated guided carts would include assembly, kitting, transportation, staging, and warehousing, order-picking and towing trailers of materials, products and goods to consumption points whilst transferring these loads across high-traffic aisles.

When used in conjunction with industrial standard bolted shelving systems, it makes the warehouse shelving not only extremely flexible but also durable and easy to install. Gets the maximum productivity out of your warehouse shelving.

Industrial standard bolted shelving is a cost-effective means of storing archive documentation and lighter-duty industrial products.

Other benefits include that our warehouse shelving is easy to install and make modifications and additions to with no changes at all to the building structures.

Perhaps it is an exclusive range of galvanized bolted shelving system you require for your warehouse or factory.

Our range is extremely durable and perfectly suited to aggressive and extremely harsh environments while being both simple to install and strong at the same time.

If your company is experiencing warehouse stock problems, slow warehouse throughput or a shortage of space, then it is time to maximise storage capacity whilst retaining full flexibility with expert shelving and racking solutions from Krost Shelving and Racking.