Types of Industrial Shelving and their Common Uses

The Nature of Rivet Shelving and Some of Its Common Uses

The need for an efficient system suitable for the storage of large numbers of varied items can pose problems for both the wholesaler and the retailer. To be effective, any solution they may adopt must be able to facilitate the rapid location and subsequent retrieval of the various items it will house. One of the most practical options available for this purpose, and one that is particularly well suited for use in an industrial setting, is rivet shelving.

The individual shelves are attached to the support posts without the aid of bolts. Instead, the use of rivets to secure the shelves to the posts results in structures with greater rigidity. This, in turn, ensures that they are inherently more stable than bolted shelves and are thus ideal for use as free-standing units. Their open nature makes for all-round visibility but, if desired, owners have the option to fit solid back and side panels. One possible reason for including these additional panels with rivet shelving is that they could make it easier to ensure that similar products of differing sizes will remain separated.

Depending upon its intended use, this type of product is offered in two forms. One is designed for use with lighter items, in which the single-riveted frames are used to support particle board shelves. They are ideal in situations where it is necessary to create the maximum area of high-density storage space, despite having a limited footprint in which to do so. With this type of storage system, it is also possible to join adjacent units by means of a common tee post, if desired.

For heavy-duty applications, double-rivet shelving will be the product of choice. Not only are these structures better suited for the support of larger, bulky articles that often need to be loaded by hand, but their greater strength means that they can be used to act as the support for a mezzanine floor, in the event that some additional space may prove to be necessary at some future date.

These products are offered in a range of different depths and heights, so there should be something to suit most situations, including the creation of multi-level storage systems. Rivet shelving is suitable for use in all manner of premises, ranging from offices and commercial buildings to warehouses, garages, and even the basement of one’s home.

The simple structure of these units allows for quick and simple fitting and the freedom to re-arrange them with little effort, should this be necessary. That said, to ensure making the best possible choice and make the best use of the space available, it is a good idea to seek the help of an expert in the supply of tailored storage solutions. One of South Africa’s leaders in this industry, and a supplier of high-quality rivet shelving, Krost is a local specialist in the design and installation of innovative storage facilities to satisfy the unique needs of our clients. With the benefit of more than 50 years of experience in the industry, we have become the fastest-growing manufacturer of innovative storage equipment in Southern Africa.